Here are the usual bunch that meet up each year to get pissed and tell the same crap stories and lame jokes. Most of the bigraphical information is, alarmingly, true. Some of the most scary stuff had to be left out to avoid offending the families of the people concerned. They know who they are. And what's been left out... None of these pictures have been re-touched in any way - we really are all this gorgeous.
• First went to Reading in 1983. Hasn't missed one since.
• Did all five Phoenix Festivals.
• Supports Exeter City FC.
• Not actually that fat.
• Media type.
• Full of useless information.
• Likes real ale and cider.

Interesting fact: Painted the shadows on Jessica Rabbit.

First went to Reading in 1982.
• Bona fide pop star, formerly of indie hopefuls Drive.
• Melanie Blatt of All Saints once paid for Dan to go to Australia, though she doesn't know this.
• Supports Ipswich Town.
• Does something with food on trains.
• Witty and charming when drunk. Apparently.
• Likes lager.

Interesting fact: Used to write the questions for Mastermind and
15 to 1.

First went to Reading in 1983.
• Supports Huddersfield Town.
• Fat Reg was best man at Kev's wedding in 1998.
• Electronics engineer.
• Hairy.
• Also known as Fish.
• Likes all manner of drinks, particularly real ale, good cider and lager at festies.

Interesting fact: There are just too many "interesting" facts about Kev, many of them far, far too disgusting to be aired in public. Just check out the Reading 1993 page for a prime example...

First went to Reading in 1997.
• Married to Kev.
• Knows the ways of small children, therefore ideally suited to being Kev's wife.
• Likes Cider and Bacardi Breezers. But not at the same time.

Interesting fact: As a child, once sat on Stephen Hawking's knee.

First went to Reading in 1988.
• Married to Mariko.
• Goes to bed earlier than anyone simply so he can get up first and wake everyone else up.
• By singing.
• Badly.
• Does things with trains.
• Drives a Mini Cooper.
• Likes lager.

Interesting fact: Has a jester tattooed on the side of his head.

First went to Reading in 1994, I think.
• Married to Grahame.
• Introduced us to the popular Japanese drink of lager and tomato juice (that's in the same glass at the same time). Not many takers for that one.
• Sells rubber gear.
• Taught us an extremely rude Japanese word.

Interesting fact: Doesn't actually like festivals.

First went to Reading in the Middle Ages.
• Usually found wearing lab coat and trilby.
• Computer boffin.
• Rarely buys tickets, preferring to blag his way in.
• Often "works" at festies by flyering. Usually burns box of flyers on first day. Generally sacked from flyering jobs.
• Likes lager.

Interesting fact: A genuine Manchester United fan who actually goes to watch them play.

First went to Reading in 1982.
• Supported Grimsby Town.
• Computer boffin.
• Wore a sarong.
• And ladies pants (see various festie pics for proof).
• Surfer.
• Hippy tendencies.
• Liked all sorts of drinks, but especially lager at festies.
• Died in 2001

Interesting fact: Was thrown out of the arena at the first Phoenix Festival for lighting fires.

Sells programmes at Reading.
• Never, ever gives us a discount.
• Photographer.
• Used to work as a nanny.
• Surfer.
• Lives in Cornwall.
• Owns a VW Minibus.
• Likes Archers and lemonade.
• A lot.
• Now goes to Leeds Festival instead.

Interesting fact: Knows Terrorvision. Apparently.

First went to Reading in 1983.
• Now lives in Australia.
• Once got off with a girl at Reading we all thought was a bloke.
• His brother's called Boo. Really.

Interesting fact: Drove relief truck in Rwanda.