What is fatreg.com?
Err, it's a festival web-site. It started as a way of showing the mates I go to Reading with just how pissed they got each year, and recording what everyone got up to. Then I used it to keep them informed as to who was playing. It just grew from there as more people became aware of it and it got registered on search engines and web directories. Some people even seem to like it... It takes all sorts, I guess.

This site was created using the following hardware:
Apple Macintosh G4/933 with:
• 512Mb RAM
• 80Gb hard drive
• 17" Apple LCD studio display
• UMAX Powerlook II scanner
Apple Macintosh G3/300 with:
256Mb RAM
• 6Gb Hard drive
• 19" Hitachi monitor
• UMAX Astra 2200SU scanner with tranny adaptor
• Pace 56k modem
• Iomega Zip650 CD-RW (for back-up)

Most of the pics were taken with various disposable cameras, which give surprisingly good results. They are also idiot-proof, which is just as well, really. Recent pics have been shot with a Canon Ixus V2 digital camera.

This is the software used:
• Apple OS 8.1 (cool operating system)
• Apple OS 9.04 (cooler operating system)
• Apple OS 9.2 (even cooler operating system)
• Apple OS 10.3 (Panther) (coolest ever OS)
• Apple OS 10.4 (Tiger) (OSX just gets better!)
• Adobe Photoshop 5.01 (image editing)
• Adobe Photoshop 6 (more image editing)
• Adobe Photoshop 7 (even more image editing)
• Adobe Photoshop CS (yet more image editing)
• Extensis PhotoFrame 2 (plug-in for image borders)
• GoLive CyberStudio 3.0 (site creation)
• Adobe GoLive 4.01 (site creation)
• Adobe GoLive 5 (site creation)
• Adobe GoLive CS (site creation)
• Macromedia Freehand 9 (maps)
• Photovista (QTVR panoramas)
• GifBuilder 0.5 (animated gifs)
• Netscape Communicator 4.7 (browser - for

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the excellent people at Bravenet

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The site is hosted by Easyspace.

The body font is Arial/Arial Black.
The headline font is Frazzle, and is available for Macs from FONTASTIC! along with loads of other cool fonts. All at low, low prices, folks. Some are even free...

For what it's worth, all images and words within this site are copyright Fat Reg, unless otherwise stated. Probably. Dan came up with the "Jazz, Blues, Rock and Sad Indie Shite" slogan years ago, but without me it would have stayed festering in some forgotten corner of his brain, so I took it and set it free. Sometimes it's better that way...

Curious facts and stuff
fatreg.com used to be a Lycos "recommended" site, but seems to have lost that status. Perhaps it was something I said. It is, however, still Netscape's top-rated Reading Festival site, as chosen by their team of editors. Thanks, Netscape guys!

Visitor tracking stats show that while a lot of people have found fatreg.com by using the obvious "Reading Festival" as a search term, a worrying number have found it through entering "fat pictures" into search engines. Hope they weren't disappointed...

Thanks to everyone who's signed the guestbook - your comments are much appreciated. Especially all of you offering to buy me beer - at this rate, I won't have to go to the bar myself all weekend at Reading.

Saturdays generally see fewer visitors to fatreg.com than any other day of the week. Guess everyone has far better things to do at the weekend. Or perhaps everyone browses when they're meant to be working?

Monday April 23, 2001 - the day the first official announcement was made about Reading 2001 - saw a staggering 484 visitors to fatreg.com. Thanks, guys!

Even that was bettered on Thursday May 24, 2001 when 502 of you checked out the site!

But even that was eclipsed on Tuesday May 29, 2001 when the site saw an amazing 575 visitors.

Wednesday August 22, 2001 - the day before the festival - saw 638 visitors. That's about one person in every 80 that went to the festival... some of you probably tripped over me in the arena.

Monday April 29, 2002, however, saw an incredible 915 of you checking out the first details of the line-up.

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