Saturday, August 24, 1985
Possibly the strangest festival line-up I've ever seen: "forces sweetheart", Dame Vera Lynn headlines the one-day event over rock legends Hawkwind, who are, in turn supported by some of the popular - and not so popular alternative acts of the mid-80s. And ageing prog-rockers The Enid... And all in aid of Pete Townshend's "Double-0" anti-heroin campaign.

The main reason for going to this - good cause aside - was to see Dr and the Medics, Spear of Destiny and the March Violets on the same bill for a bargain £2.50.

Crystal Palace Concert Bowl is an odd venue - the stage is on the far side of a small lake, which separates the performers from the crowd. At least the bowl-shaped arena gives everyone a good view.

And it allows the more enthusiastic members of the crowd to cool down by jumping into the lake... there are plenty of takers, despite the signs warning of all sorts of nasty bugs lurking in the water.

An pleasant surprise is the appearance of the Comsat Angels - rare live performers at the best of times. Sadly, this isn't the best of times for them. A bit past their peak, they're a disappointment.

Things liven up nicely with some typical Medics lunacy - this is almost a year before their underground credibility all but vanishes with "Spirit in the Sky."

Spear of Destiny are, as ever, a triumph, but Hawkwind provide the biggest surprise of the day when they're joined on stage by none other than Lemmy. And legendary topless dance Stacia, too.

Virtually all Dame Vera Lynn sees of the crowd is their backs as they make a pretty swift exit following Hawkwind. "We'll Meet Again", Vera? Unlikely, but nice of you to think of us like that...

To a download good-quality audience recording (in 192kbps mp3 format) of the full Doctor and the Medics show at Crystal Palace 1985, click HERE

I didn't take a camera, so here's a scan of the ticket ticket, instead
Dame Vera Lynn
• Hawkwind
• Spear Of Destiny
• The Armoury Show
• The Enid
• Dr. & The Medics
• March Violets
• Comsat Angels
• Balaam And The Angel
• Eddy Armani

Good things about Crystal Palace 85
• Cheap to get in
• Sunshine

Bad things about Crystal Palace 85
• Er, nothing, really

Best bands of Crystal Palace 85
• Spear of Destiny
• Dr and the Medics
• March Violets
• Hawkwind