This is the biggest collection of Reading Festival links on the web. As far as I know, all are still live. Please let me know of any broken links. I've avoided links that just list things like bootlegs of sets from Reading and generally only included ones with pics/recollections.
General festival links
Awesome history of 1960s and 70s UK rock festivals

Excellent directory of European festivals:

UK festivals:

efestivals Comprehensive site on UK festivals in general. Includes reviews of this year's events has messageboards for all major festivals

Music news and festival listings from ewaves

Festival Focus includes almost every music festival, big or small, in Britain

Festival Generation has some flaky coding and often quits without warning, but looks like a "community" site based around eight festivals

lmfuk Nice-looking UK festival site with some good content by festie-goers, but not updated recently

Up-to-date Reading/Leeds Festival links
Current sites, generally by festival-goers, with up to date info about this year's Reading and previous festivals

The official Reading Festival site, can be slow to load, but (may) include multimedia - along with a few ideas nicked from right here. is a good, new-ish site with band reviews and interviews has info and message board etc is built in Flash and has the usual gubbins Info, tips, lively message board, etc. Recently updated is a good unofficial site, with info, guestbook and small picture gallery
• To see the same bloke's 1998 site, click here

Reading Festival discussion is a non-commercial site with a message board and a loud background! covers most major UK festivals, with info, tips, discussion board, etc

@Reading More frequently updated this year is a well-designed site with a very busy forum

Reading/Leeds Festival 2002 links
Ahem, been a bit lax with finding sites about Readig/Leeds 2002 - anyone know of any?

Reecey reviews Reading 2002

Reading/Leeds Festival 2001 links
Hayden has a Reading 2001 site

NEW Owen the Goose has a Reading 2001 site:

Pollard and Gaz have Reading 2001 news, pics of Reading 2000 plus messageboards etc

NEW A small but perfectly-formed (and perfectly-spelt) Leeds Festival site:

NEW Another new Leeds Festival site

Matt has a Leeds Festival 2001 site

Rob has a new Reading Festival site

Matty Badger has a Reading fan site

Stu has a music site with a Reading section

Reading Festival 2000 links
Fat Reg trawled the web for months to track down this lot, which include reviews and pictures of and by festival-goers.
Fan sites first
NEW Review of Reading 2000

NEW Chris Hunter has a review and pictures from Reading 2000

Zoe has a review and pictures from Reading 2000

Ross has half a dozen pics from Reading 2000

Barry has half a dozen pics from Reading 2000

NEW Peter has a few pics from Reading 2000

Ben has a review of Reading 2000 with pics

The Thundercats have a site with pics and a diary from Reading 2000
and news of the 2001 festival

Matt has a music site with a review of Reading 2000 and more

Kittie Fiddler went to Reading 2000 and has a good site with loads of info for first-time festival goers

Roger has pics of bands at Reading 2000

Razell has some pics from Reading 2000

Jill reviews Reading 2000 (no pics)

Pax has a brief Reading 2000 review (no pics)

Brief Reading 2000 review. Lots of pics

ToneDeath has a Reading 2000 review

Howard gives marks out of ten for the bands he saw at Reading 2000

Chris' pics of Reading 2000

Gary and Sharen's pics from Reading 2000

Melanie has pics from Reading 1999 and 2000

Talent Scout has pics of people at Reading 2000. Gurning, mostly...

Jessica reviews Placebo at Reading 2000. She liked them

This site is supposed to carry a review and pics, but they aren't up yet

Mikey reviews the Sunday at Reading 2000

Laura has a Reading 2000 site. Drank a lot of beer, by the look of it...

Readingfestival2000 is the site set up by the creators of 1999's official Reading site, but it isn't updated any more. Messageboard is the same one as

MildCurry fanzine has a Reading 2000 preview

Brainstew's Reading/Leeds site

The long haired man Fan site about Reading and Dynamo festivals. Also stuff about keeping reptiles!

Too Many DJs has a Reading section with info and a short history of the festival

dotmusic's Reading 2000 review. And their review of Reading 1999

Commercial site reviews review Reading 2000. They like metal, so they're alright...

Reading Festival 1999 links
Karina has pics from Reading 1999

Reading University's Indie Society has a review of Reading 1999

Marico's site has pics of festivals, including Reading 1999 and more.

The four Frowsters have been to several festivals and two of them kept diaries of Reading 1999. Plus masses about getting trashed. Cool site

Mat has pics of Reading 1998 and Reading 1999, plus latest festival updates

Jen has pics from Reading 1999, Big Day out 1999 and Reading 1998
Plus a short short review of Reading 1999 (no pics)

Guy went to Reading 1999

Pure has just one pic of himself at Reading 1999

Kenny Ken's Reading 1999 page:

Theresa McAuley went to Reading, but only took one photo

Zoe reviews Reading 99. With pics

Keith Laws has pics from Reading 1999

AOL's review of Reading 1999 - includes photos of bands on stage and festival-goers. It looks like they're using a font designed by Fat Reg, too!
And more 1999 festival reviews from AOL

Radio 1's review of Reading 1999 has a review of Reading 1999

Thumped e-zine has a review of Reading 99

Dr Ennis has pics from Reading 1999 and V99

Frenchman Eric's Reading 1999 review, including pics

Howard rates the bands he saw at Reading 1999 and lists the ones he was going to see at Reading 2000

Cool Music Central has a Reading 1999 review and pics

A 1999 Reading site - not updated since

Reading 1999 reviewed in depth, with pics

Twang e-zine reviews Reading 1999

iosys UK has pics of people enjoying themselves at Reading 99, but no words - Pictures only, but they're good.

Reading Festival 1998 links
Pub Culture has a review of the Sunday at Reading 1998

Barbie has a photo album with some pics of Reading 98/99

Simon's Reading Festival 1998 experiences

Slampiece zine has a fan review of Reading 1998

In-depth reviews of Reading 1997 and 1998. No pics

Phill McManus has lots of pics, some from Reading Festivals. No words

Hamish shows us his special Reading Festival hair styles

Terminally Sad has loads of pics from Reading 1997, Glastonbury 1997 and Glastonbury 1998. Terminally Sad also went to Roskilde 2000

Kevin Shewan has been to festies for 20 years, mostly Glastonbury -
well worth a look, with a good section on festival toilets

• John has a page of pics and entertaining comment from Reading 1998, too has a link to the official site and a page of tips for new festie-goers, but no pics

Gone in the Morning also has Reading advice

Wayne and Miles have three pics of themselves at Reading 1998
and loads of pics of the main stage

Cath has possibly the briefest Reading 1998 review ever. Just four lines, no pics

Burgthumpr went to Reading 1998

Reading 1998 - in Japanese

Another Japanese review of Reading 1998

Jorgen and Eva went to Reading 1998, and took a few of photos

Mark's pics from Reading 1998, but links to the pics are all broken!

1998 Reading site - the best source of info that year, but not updated since. Nice Magic Roundabout-style graphics

Edward's site has one page about Reading 1998, with a brief review and two pics

Short reviews (no pics) of bands at Reading 1998

Pictures from Reading 1998 and V97

Misguided fools review Page and Plant at Reading 1998 - thankfully no pics of the geriatric duo

Just a half a dozen pics from Reading 1998 - no words.

Pics and recollections of: Reading 1998 & 1997, Glastonbury 1998 & 1997 and the Ozzfest 1998

Interstate 40 e-zine has a review of Reading 89

Purple Paul likes pants, apparently, and has some Reading and Phoenix stuff on his site

Reading Festival 1997 links
Jo Finlay's 1997 Reading review

Bund has pictures from Reading 1997 and Phoenix 1997

Jodie went to Reading 1997

Reviews of Reading 1997 - nicked from Metal Hammer. Naughty

Reading Festival goers a go go - festival line-ups from 1997/96/95

J Stacey has just two pics of people at Reading

Reading Festival 1996 links
Tony's review of Reading 1996

E Evans reviewed the 1996 Reading festival. Some factual innacuracies!

RetroActive Baggage has some festival reviews.
Issue 14 reviews Reading 1996 plus interview with some acts from Phoenix 1996
Issue 18 has Glastonbury 1997, Phoenix 1997 and Brighton's Essential Festival
Issue 23 has Glastonbury 1998

Naive, an on-line magazine with text-only reviews of of gigs, including V96 and V97, Chelmsford

Older Reading Festival links
Echobelly fanzine More has reviews of several festivals including
Reading 95, Phoenix 96, Glastonbury 97, T In The Park 97 and V97
(all with a slight Echobelly bias, naturally)

A lucky American chap won a trip to the 1994 Reading Festival, and - equally luckily for us - took a few pics.

Review of Reading 1993 (no pics)

A review of Reading 1992, with emphasis on Nirvana, from Rolling Stone

Tron has pics from early 90s Reading and Roskilde Festivals

NEW Melody Maker's review of Killing Joke at the Reading Festival 1986

Elvis Parsley has brief reviews of Reading 1980 and 1982 (he must be
old), plus T in the Park 1994

Two pics of Praying Mantis at Reading 1982. no, really

Phoenix Festival links
Chester reviews masses of bands from Phoenix 1996. No pics

Blueglow has a review of Phoenix 1996. No pics

Ozzfest links
Flying High Again has pics from Ozzfest 2001

More Festival links wanted!
If you've got a festival site (particularly Reading) or know of one that isn't listed here, then e-mail me the URL, and I'll get it added

Other links
First up, you should go and visit Kev's web-site, which doesn't have too much about festies on it, but is full of useful info about lots of other things - not least Kev himself.

Reading pubs
Reading Pubs is a superb guide to the watering-holes and off-licences of Reading

Peterborough Beer Festival
Peterborough Beer Festival is a very good way to get into the swing of things before Reading