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• 2008 Reading/Leeds line-up announced
Rage Against The Machine, Killers and Metallica to headline
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I need your help with the Timeline page. If you have any Reading Festival programmes, flyers, tickets etc like the ones on the timeline, please send me scans. Also, please let me know if you have any memorabilia (programmes, ticket stubs, flyers etc) for sale. Or any interesting recordings from the festival.
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Reading 1989, Reading 1994,
Reading 1995, Reading 1996, Reading 1998,
Phoenix 1993, Phoenix 1994, Phoenix 1996,
Brockwell Park 1984, Nostell Priory 1984,
The Longest Day 1985, There's probably some other stuff, too. Keep coming back now...

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Fat Reg's festivals. Click on these links for pictures, reviews, line-ups and more from past festivals...
Crap weather, poor-quality photos, fine Chinese food (twice) and an entire day spent in the pub. And some bands...
Heavy metal! Lager! Stupidity! It's nice to have a little stability in our lives. Welcome to the review of 2003's festival
Japan's finest band (Electric Eel Shock) bring a rocking respite from dull pub-rock at free festival
The biggest bunch of oddballs you've ever seen visit rural Berkshire and drink them selves stupid. Again
Ozzfest goes to Donington - the home of metal.
And it rains. A lot
Portugese punk rock, a cunning plan to see loads of bands and lashings of sunshine and lager. Plus, the festival in 360°
OK, not exactly a festival, but it was outdoors, there was sunshine, lager and heavy metal. Could it get any better?
Ozzy came back, the sun came out and we drank lager till we felt sick, tired and drunk. Saw some bands, too
Slipknot, Daphne and Celeste. Plus the greatest rock n roll band in the world - the Supersuckers. And lots of lager
Snakebite, sun and Sepultura. What more could you want?
Crap main stage acts mean we get to witness the mighty Sugar Hill Gang. And Dark Star
Mud, metal and the worst sound system in history
The last year of Phoenix. Wigg marks the occasion by nicking a sarong and dancing like a loon...
Metal returns to Reading! Sadly, Wigg brings his sarong
A day spent face down on the ground thanks to cider.
Half-price ticket, though, so top value for money
Once we'd found the bar and the cider we showed those youngsters how an all-dayer should be tackled. Face down
Four days of fun in Shakespeare country. Wigg in broken bottle mayhem
French vodka, projectile vomiting in BHS and le sange est dans l'arbre...
No camera, but plenty of rain, mud and doughnuts.
And Nirvana's last UK appearance
Guess what? No camera, but lots of words, lots of cider, an earthquake, new friends and a robbery
The mighty Pixies rock our souls. As do the Inspiral Carpets, and Nick Cave. But I sleep through The Cramps
Probably the worst Reading line-up ever. But also, the best Reading bottle fights ever. You win some, you lose some!
No camera again, and no mates, either, due to a cock-up at the bus station...
Reading returns after a two-year break. And so do I. Without a camera. The Mission prove to be the highlight. No, really
Hawkwind, Spear of Destiny, Dr and the Medics for £2.50.
And Dame Vera Lynn
Fat Reg's first visit to Reading. Quite literally, a life-changing experience. Sensible shoes, mind...
The first year our happy band (but not Fat Reg) samples the delights of Reading. Just look how young we were...
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