Festival desktop pictures to liven up your computer Here's a bonus: video footage of 50 Cent getting bottled off in 2004. It's 10.5 megs, so be patient... but it's worth it!
Now through the miracle of modern technology you can have that festival experience all year round, without leaving the comfort and safety of your own desk. Simply download one of these pictures and install it on your computer.

For the full-on festival experience, stop washing immediately, and live on a diet of strong lager and dog burgers. You'll feel so much better for it.

All these pics are at a resolution of 1152x864 - ideal for all sizes of monitor. Simply click and hold (on a Mac) then select "Save this link as..." and the pic is yours. On a PC, right-click and select "Set as Wallpaper." Alternatively, just click and the pic will open in a new window, then drag it to the desktop.

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