Decided to ring the changes and take in a dance all-dayer. What looked like being a nice warm day turned out to be far too cold for comfort - not least for the hordes of under-dressed ravers streaming through the gates. The door policy was strict enough to see the security guys making people take their shoes off during searches. Despite that the first people we saw once inside were holding large plastic bags of pills. We wandered off to the bar, which took ages to find, as it was tiny and tucked away where you couldn't see it. Luckily, they were serving Burrow Hill rough cider, which is far more effective at sending you stark staring bonkers than any chemicals. And it did.

Wandering about we saw Goldie, flanked by minders, but at least checking out the atmosphere of the event.

The main stage saw blinding sets by Leftfield the Chemical Brothers, and a truly shambolic one by Black Grape, who were more messed-up than the audience.

Eight or nine pints down the line, during Carl Cox's set in the main tent, I felt a little weary, so decided to have a little lie down, as you do. Suddenly, people seemed to be very concerned for my well-being - when they weren't treading on me. Some girl stopped and asked if I wanted some water. "No thanksh," I replied, "but another pint of cider would be nice..." Her look of concern turned to disgust and she went off in a huff. Staggered out into the dawn for a couple of Red Bulls to wake me up. Then we realised just how freezing it is at 5am, so we called it a day.

Fun while it lasted, and some good DJ sets - from what I can remember - but not sure I can stand the pace any more. I think I'll leave this sort of thing to "the kids"...

Good things about Tribal Gathering 1996
• Burrow Hill cider

• John Peel playing Status Quo's "Rockin' All Over the World" - yes! Metal!
• It didn't rain
• Bangin' tunes, apparently
• Red Bull

Bad things about Tribal Gathering 1996
• Microscopic bar
• Not going prepared for the cold at 3 in the morning
• No camping facilities
• I'm too old for this all-night stuff

Best acts at Tribal Gathering 1996
• Dave Clark
• Leftfield
• Chemical Brothers
• Carl Cox

Laminates were a Godsend. Way better than a programme full of press releases. And they only cost a couple of quid.
Look closely. It's a dog-eared, sweat and cider-soaked Tribal Gathering ticket.
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