There have been a few Reading Festival recordings released over the years. Here's some of them...

Saxon. BBC Sessions/Live at reading Festival 1986
(EMI, 1998. 7243 4 97772 2 4)
Sadly not the full set from their headlinine slot way back in '86, but the six live tracks here accurately convey the drama and excitement of hirsute men in over-tight trousers careering towards middle-age yet still believing they rock like young 'uns. They were past their best by then, but trying gamely. You can almost smell the sweat and Spandex. Amazingly, Saxon are still going...
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Track list
Friday Rock Show:
Backs to the Wall
Stallions of the Highway
Motorcycle Man
Still Fit to Boogie
747 (Strangers in the Night)
Studio B15 Live:
20,000 Feet
Dallas 1pm
The Eagle Has Landed
Reading Festival 26.6.86:
Power and the Glory
Never Surrender
Rock the Nations
Wheels of Steel
Waiting for the Night
Strong Arm of the Law

Ride. Live_Reading Festival 1992
(Ignition, 2001. IGN CD13C)
This captures the band at the peak of their career, and documents what is regarded as one of their finest performances. It's a charged, blistering set, and there's a dramatic contrast between the earlier, epic soundscapes ('Leave Them All Behind', 'Seagull', 'Nowhere') and the later, jangly pop moments ('Twisterella', 'Not Fazed') which demonstrates that the 'shoegazing' tag they got lumbered with was less than deserved. Only available as part of a limited-edition three-CD box set. The other discs in the set are 'OX4: the Best of' and a disc of rarities and unreleased tracks.
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Track list
Leave Them All Behind
Not Fazed
Like a Daydream
Time of Her Time
Vapour Trail
Close My Eyes
Mouse Trap

Thin Lizzy. BBC Radio One Live in Concert
(Windsong, 1992. GCD 323-2)
Oh, what a night... Thin Lizzy's farewell UK show, Reading Festival 1983. Listening to this after nearly 20 years it's easy to see that Lynott's voice was shot, but at the time no one noticed or cared, such was the emotion sweeping the arena. During 'Still in Love With You', when Lynott sings "Is this the end?" the entire crowd can be heard baying "No!" in reply. This may not be the equal of 'Live and Dangerous' or even 'Life Live', but it's a poignant reminder of one of the great rock bands of all time.
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Track list
Thunder & Lightning
Waitin' For an Alibi
Are You Ready
Baby Please Don't Go
A Night in the Life of a Blues Singer
The Holy War
The Sun Goes Down
The Cowboy Song
The Boys are Back in Town
Rosalie/Dancing in the Moonlight/The Cowgirl Song
Sill in Love With You

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction.
Live at Reading 1987
(Raw Fruit, FRSCD011)
The future of stadium rock, according to Bill Drummond of the KLF. And for one evening at least, Z and his cohorts were just that. A storming, triumphant set, captured in (almost) all its raw fury. Effectively a live 'best of.' We may never see their like again, but be grateful that they existed at all, and track this down if you can.
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Track list
Skull Spark Joker
High Priest of Love
High Heel Heaven
Kid's Stuff
Speed King
Bad Girl City
Planet Girl
Holy Gasoline
Tattooed Beat Messiah
Let's Break the Law
Prime Mover

Foo Fighters 'For All the Cows' and 'Wattershed' Live at the 1995 Reading Festival
(Parlophone/Roswell Records 7243 8 82574 2 8)
Just two live tracks on the b-side of the 'For All the Cows' single from the Foo's much-hyped first Reading appearance, headlining the second stage on the Saturday night. Energetic, and certainly much better than I remember them being on the night.
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Track list
For All the Cows (studio)
For All the Cows (live)
Wattershed (live)

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I'm particularly interested in getting hold of Slade at Reading 1980 and a good recording of Nirvana in 1992