Now Sunday is a day of worship, so we're giving thanks for the gift of lager. And almost all the bands are crap. And even if they're not, we're far too busy praising Messers Carlsberg, Artois and Foster to be bothered finding out. The by-now obligatory Sidekicks are downed with every other round, too.

We stagger back to see a bizarre, rambling set by Phil Kay in the comedy tent and a bit of NOFX on the main stage. Incubus sound like dull goths - oh, sorry, they ARE dull goths. Then Dan's high point of the weekend - Slipknot. As he predicted at the start of the weekend, he rolls up his jumper, lies down in the arena and sleeps through them. Good work, Dan. And you didn't miss much, for Slipknot get progressively duller each time I see them.

Back at the campsite, Kev informs us that someone came over and asked if he was me. The insult! Kev is way fatter than me... Though I'm more surprised Kev didn't say 'yes' and try to get some free lager.

Once again, Quayley and I get drawn in to see the headliners, and the Prodigy don't disappoint, though, later, many people seem to have mixed opinions of their set. Oviously, they weren't standing where we were, 'cos they even had us dancing.

We round off the weekend by finishing up our lager and the huge bags of sweets and crisps Kev and Becky had bought earlier. They were asleep, so it seemed fair to the rest of us, and very enjoyable they were, too.

All in all, one of the best festivals I've ever been to - the weather was pretty good, the bands (at least the ones we saw) were mostly excellent and the company as good as ever. And the lager flowed nicely all weekend without any ill effects. Result!

Here's to 2003, folks!
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Kev gets his beer goggle on. Sidekicks were the sensation of the weekend Quayley relaxes with a can of lager - not an uncommon site at Reading...
Once again, Dan shows the sensitive side that endears him to all The arena, Sunday evening, and Dan sleeps through Slipknot
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