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The sun shone, the lager flowed and we staggered into the arena enough timed to catch some superb bands. Mostly at the bottom end of the bill, too. Dan discovered the joys of the wine stall tucked away at the end of the bar and spent most of Saturday asleep in the sun, out of his mind on cheap plonk, which, when sober, he found to be virtually undrinkable.

Nashville Pussy were the top band - after all what could be better than country played punk rock-style by a bunch of bikers with a couple of fire-eating female strippers on bass and guitar? Awesome.

Backyard Babies gave the main stage sleazy rock n roll for the first time in years and Sugar Hill Gang were the biggest surprise of all - showing exactly how to make hip-hop work at a festival.

Wigg's burning pants. I think they'd seen so many festies that they were classed as dangerous waste Dan gets in the mood for the Sugarhill Gang by showing us his hippety-hoppety pants. Nice... Kev and Becky: Aaah
Good things about Reading 1999
• Lager
• Pot Noodles
• Sunshine
• Some charming (and very drunk) Welsh people who sold us lager at a really good price. Not that we NEEDED more lager, just that the deal was way too good to miss...
• Mighty Exeter City crown the weekend by going top of Division Three

Bad things about Reading 1999
• British Home Stores breakfast: surely the worst ever
• The Duke still closed
• No Burrow Hill Cider on sale
• Plastic beer glasses that don't burn
• Ridiculously expensive firewood
• Ticket price
• Steve Lamacq (bring back Peel as compere!)

Wigg gets 'relaxed'. This seems to happen every year. And always to Wigg. He's a sitting target, really... Mr LoverDan: A big hit with the ladies. Or so he'd have us believe
Best Bands of Reading 1999
Nashville Pussy - by a very wide margin, actually
Sugar Hill Gang
Dark Star
Appollo 440
Atari Teenage Riot
Backyard Babies
The Fall (obviously)