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One of those years that doesn't seem to have had a truly defining moment. Not even a stupid catchphrase with which to annoy those camped around us.
Actually, it looks like there were loads of pretty good bands, but I remember almost nothing...

Good things about Reading 1997
• Cider
• Vegan curry stall selling me and Quaylie two curries at 1am for just 40p
• Gail selling us all her lager at 1.15am for about a quarter of what it cost her!
• The Duke of Edinburgh pub - tatty as ever, but still with its own seedy charm. And a TV showing the test match

Bad things about Reading 1997
• Marylin Manson - is there any point?
• The Verve. I didn't even see them, I just KNOW they were dreadful...
• Steve Lamacq - as a Colchester fan (alledgedly) you'd think he would read out the lower divisions' scores, wouldn't you?
Wigg's sarong

Best Bands of Reading 1997
John Spencer Blues Explosion
The Orb
Bently Rhythm Ace (twice)

What happens when boredom, cider and a whole box of Dust Junkys stickers are combined with Dan's tent Dan shows us his "wild man of the woods" impression Sartorial elegence, Quaylie-style
You should have been a builder, Kev...
That miserable wet bank holiday Monday feeling. Anorak modelled by Wigg. Still, beats the sarong...
Nicky, Grahame (in background), Dave, Dan (in donkey jacket) and Wigg in that damned sarong again