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A year with one truly glorious defining moment: Kev's spectacular projectile vomit in the British Home Stores restaurant. This magnificent achievement was brought on by the vodka passed around by the French people camped next to us. What they didn't tell us - until it was too late - was that the vodka was home-made... Sadly, I missed Kev's moment of glory as I was far too ill to get out of the tent in the morning. Top marks go to those who simply moved their trays to another table and carried on eating after this little incident. I salute you! What I'd give for a copy of the security video from that morning...
Kev - for once not out of his box. Arf. Nice shades, mate Pete and Jed. Fine fellows. We keep on bumping into Pete - last time at Metallica in 1999 It's that Wigg flat on the ground moment again...
Good things about Reading 1993
• See above left - can't beat a good chunder
• Nice weather
• Seeing Eddie Izzard when we were so pissed he was even more surreal than normal...

Bad things about Reading 1993
• French vodka
• New Order - worst live band in the world?
• Rage against the Machine - dire rubbish
• Porno for Pyros - pretentious twaddle
• Jim Rose Circus Sideshow being banned

Best Bands of Reading 1993
• Leatherface
• Dinosaur Jr
• Grant Lee Buffalo. Played twice - Wigg slept through both shows...
• Therapy?
• Siouxsie and the Banshees
• Lemonheads

Dan gets close to being a style icon. Not too close, mind Dan feels the healing power of lager. Again Hmmmm. Not yet house-trained. Just as well it's Reading... Naked Yeti seen at Reading. Put 'em away!
Annoying catchphrases in 1993
• "Le sange est dans l'arbre" - with apologies to Eddie Izzard
• "There are no limits" And many tedious variations on this theme
Er, are you quite sure you've put that fag out before your nap, Kev?