Arranged to meet Wigg at The Duke, but there were loads of people there, so I went to the bus station to meet his coach. Somehow I managed to miss him getting off, and spent two days camped with some Geordies I met on the walk to the camp site. But I did get to see all the bands for the first two days - quite an acheivement.

Then, on the Saturday night, walking out of the arena after Quo, I strolled up behind Wigg and Kev, neither of whom had been aware the other was at reading, and had met up by chance earlier in the day! Kev was all bandaged up after a wax flare exploded and set fire to his (borrowed) tent.

It turned out that I'd only been camped about 20 yards from Wigg and Dan for the previous 48 hours anyway.

Good things about Reading 1987
• Seeing loads of bands instead of just lounging around outside the tents getting lashed
• Zodiac Mindwarp proving that, as Bill Drummond reckoned, he WAS the future of stadium rock

Bad things about Reading 1987
• Exploding death flares
• Missing everyone at the arranged meeting place
• Zodiac's dubious Nuremburg Rally-style banners
• Seeing The Enid for the third time. Prog-rock shite

Best Bands of Reading 1987
The Mission. Again
Icicle Works
The Fall
The Stranglers
Zodiac Mindwarp
All About Eve (really)
Field of the Nephilim
Spear of Destiny
Status Quo
Georgia Satellites
Alice Cooper

Pretty good year, actually...

Yet again I didn't have a camera. So here is the Festival programme cover from '87. Stylish. Poor old Wayne Hussey - it looks like Alice Cooper is about to crap on his head. Shame. Sadly, I can't find my "Rock Don't Stop" badge.
This is the sleeve of Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction Live at Reading 1987. It took me years to track down a copy of this - not exactly a big seller.
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