Reading's back on! It rains, of course...
The first Reading after a two-year gap due to venue difficulties. I'm pretty sure it clashed with the Birmingham Grand Prix - a wierd concept to be sure - so not many of the 'regulars' bothered.
Travelled down from Lincoln in a manky Minibus with my mate Dave for the Friday. Bumped into Dan during The Mission. I'm still convinced he was really enjoying them, though he's always denied this. Whatever, they were ace.
It rained a bit, and the sound was shite. Never found the bar.

Good things about Reading 1986
• It was back on!
• Er, that's about it...

Bad things about Reading 1986
• Only going for one day
• Most of the usual crew not going
• Dull weather
• Staying sober - shurely shome mishtake?

Best Bands of Reading 1986
The Mission. Really...
Doctor and the Medics
The March Violets

Reading 1986 line-up
Killing Joke
Dr & the Medics
The Mission
Balaam & the Angel
March Violets
Twenty Flight Rockers
The Bolshoi
Larry Miller
Dog 'Ouse

John Waite & the No Brakes Band
Rough Cutt
Ruby Turner
Buddy Curtess & the Grasshoppers
Graham Parker & the Fact
It Bites
Outside Edge

Lords of the New Church
Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction
New Model Army
Chiefs of Relief
The Enid
Cherry Bombz
Dumpy's Rusty Nuts
Thrashing Doves
Well Well Well
The Cardiacs
Didn't think to take a camera, but who would I have photographed anyway? Therefore there are no pics. This, however, is the only Reading 1986-related item I could find. Oddly enough, for an 'in concert' recording, it doesn't include the whole set, and adds three tracks recorded for a BBC broadcast in early '85. Funny thing is, the CD sounds way, way better than I remember them on stage at Reading. Must have had some production-room 'enhancements' - they were shite on the day.