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Breakfasting in the Baron Cadogan, Caversham, while the rain poured down for seven hours. Pub was a very good idea When Wigg goes camping, he certainly goes prepared. What do you think you look like, Wigg? We almost prefer the sarong... Kev, saluting. This should be accompanied by a moronic "uuuuhhh" sound for full effect This is how Wigg spent most of Saturday, following the visit to the pub. Lightweight Dan gets so witty and charming that Quayley finds him irresistible. Aren't there laws against this sort of thing?
We woke on Saturday to pouring rain and retired to the Baron Cadogan for the whole morning. Quaylie adopted a novel way of choosing his drinks by picking a colour and having a drink with that colour bottle - Moscow Mule, Vodka Source, Metz and several others were downed in this way before he ran out of colours. Then the rain let up and it was back to the site to try and see ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead (cracking name). Sadly, there was a massive bottleneck at the main entrance caused, it seems, by students not wanting to get their best trainers dirty in the huge puddles on site. Wear boots you fools! We missed ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, but they seem like a bit of a sad Goth band on reflection, so we strolled over to see the gob-smacking Hank Williams III. Fantastic.

Still, despite the rain, the ground didn't get too muddy, though there was a bit of a run on those three-legged camping stools in town.

Wigg saw plenty of the ground on Saturday. His liquid breakfast set him up nicely and no sooner had he returned to the camp site than he adopted his traditional face-down posture, which he maintained for 12 hours, rising at 4am on Sunday morning in the belief that it was Sunday afternoon and time for Daphne and Celeste. Asked later whether he wondered why it was pitch black, he replied that he thought the sun was "behind a cloud". Good work, Wigg!

For the rest of us, it was back to the tents in the early evening so as to avoid the crap on the main stage, though Dan and Fat Reg went to see the Wannadies, persuaded two blokes that they ought to go off and fight someone, then decided the Wannadies were dull after just two songs and headed back to the lager.

Good things about Reading 2000
• Lager
• Finishing your weekend's entire supply of lager by Friday morning...
• Excellent, wholesome breakfasts and cheap, good ale in the Baron
Cadogan in Caversham
• Camping stools
• Huge bags of good, dry wood from the hillbillies in the farm
• Lightning striking behind the stage during Oasis
• Spinach and potato curry

Bad things about Reading 2000
• Rain
• Mud
• Tent burglars
• The Duke still boarded up
• Half-full bags of soggy bark for £6 from the festival "wood" shop
• Queues
• Everything too expensive
• Too many people