Scroll down to see all the stages at Reading and any news on The Big Day Out, though that's looking more and more unlikely
Yep, that's Fat Reg's ticket
August 8 update
I've dumped the comedy list, which came via the ever-unreliable, in favour of one from Mean Fiddler themselves, which seems much more accurate.
Queens of the Stone Age have been moved from the Carling Premier Stage to the Radio One Session stage, but it's unclear where they are in the line-up right now. Update to come real soon...
Eminem has reportedly pulled out - as I thought he would - due to his impending US court case. Still, no great loss.
Weekend tickets are now sold out.

July 27 update
At long last the Comedy Stage gets a near-complete line-up, and it's a little short on really big names. Shame, it could attract top turns in years past. Also, several acts seem to be appearing on more than one day. The information did come from the ever (un)reliable NME, though, which might explain it.

July 6 update
Most of the acts on the Dance Stage now seem to have been confirmed. I'd say that pretty much wraps up the line-up for this year, barring the odd late addition or withdrawl. Is Eminem going to play? He's in court on firearms charges, so let's hope they bang him up for a very long time...

June 26 update
At last some acts have been announced for the comedy stage, including what appear to be the headliners. There's a counter-rumour that Daphne and Celeste AREN'T playing, but we keep our fingers crossed...

June 19 update
Could it possibly get any more rock and roll than Daphne and Celeste? This was announced late last week on the NME site, but let's hope it's true, as it'll add some light relief to a day of corporate rock "rebels"...

June 3 Update
At last a proper rock 'n' roll band on the bill - the mighty Supersuckers. Cool! So, that'll be three good bands then... well worth 80 quid. Not. I guess it's the dance stage and the bar for me then.

Sadly it looks like Noel will play with Oasis on UK dates. And that means Reading. Bugger. More sad indie shite on to the bill, though Boss Hog is a welcome addition, unlike the feeble Deftones... As for the other recent arrivals: who the fuck are they?

Still, at least Dark Star are playing again. And Clint Boon. Though knowing our luck, they'll cancel

Definitely the worst line-up since 1988 - remember Bonnie Tyler and Starship? Probably best if you don't, actually... but, taking another look at the bill, I'm not sure this isn't WORSE than 1988.

Tickets are on sale now, priced at £80, but they're not worth it. Credit card hotline is: 08701-500044

• The Line-ups will do last year's trick of also playing Leeds. And, this year, a 2-dayer in Glasgow. On a toxic waste dump... kind of appropriate given the rubbish on the bill...

Reading 2000 (Updated Aug 8) Most recent additions are in red

Main Stage
Friday August 25
Primal Scream
Foo Fighters
Asian Dub Foundation
Limp Bizkit
Boss Hog
Cotton Mather
Saturday August 26
Super Furry Animals
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Sunday August 27

Rage against the Machine
Blink 182
Daphne and Celeste
My Vitriol

Radio One Evening Session Stage
Friday August 25

Shed Seven
• Ween
• Grandaddy
• Royal Trux
• Clinic
• Brassy
• King Adora
• Orange Can
• The Lapse
Saturday August 26
The Wannadies
Badly Drawn Boy
• Black Box Recorder
• Dark Star
• Terris
• And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

• JJ72
• The Get Up Kids
• Crashland
• Kustom Built
Sunday August 27
Ian Brown
Elliot Smith
• Utah Saints
• Les Rythmes
• Lupine Howl
• The Clint Boon Experience
• Sleater Kinney
The Animalhouse
• The Crocketts
Action Spectacular

The Dance Stage
Laurent Garnier
• Ken Ishii
• Rinocerose
• Alpine Stars
• BT
• Dope Smugglaz
• Zan Lyons
• Arkarna

DJ Freddy Fresh

Black Eyed Peas
• Slum Village
• Dirty Beatniks
• Junkie XL
• Saian Supa Crew
• Thomas Rusiak
• DJ Touche (Wiseguys)
• DJ Swamp (Beck's DJ)
• Runaways
• Creators
Red Snapper
• Fila Brazillia
• Mint Royale
• Hooverphonic
• Jacknife Lee
• Lowfinger
• Manchild
• Sonic Animation
• Two Lone Swordsmen
• DJ Agent Sumo
• Psychonauts

The Carling Premier Stage
The Dirty Three
• Mojave 3
Queens of the Stone Age
Queen Andrena
• Katastrophy Wife
Baby Bird
• Laika
• Lauren Laverne
Aka • Angelica • At the Drive In • Beachwood Sparks • Ben and Jason
• Ben's Symphonic Orchestra • Bowling for Soup • Contempo •
• Cousteau • Deathray • Elbow • Albert Ferrer • Fifth Amendment • Gheko
• Grand Western • Home • I am Kloot • It's Jo and Danny • Little Hell • Medal
• Motorhomes • North Mississippi Allstars • Saison(s) • Turin Brakes • Turn
• Hank Williams III • Wilt

The UK Play Comedy Tent

Howard Marks will apparently be appearing - recounting tales of his life. So, that'll be reading passages from his book, then...

• Phill Jupitus (compere) • Ross Noble • Ed Byrne • Peter Kay • Boothby Graffoe • Rich Hall (aka Otis Lee Crenshaw) • Steve Gribbin • Andy Robinson
• Woody Bop Muddy • Pyromania • Halloween Society • Hugh Lennon (hypnotist) • Rex Boyd • The Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper • David Johns
• Dave Fulton • The Mahoney Brothers • Skate Naked • Kamikaze
• Daniel Kitson • Steve Hughes • Carey Marx • Mike Wilmott • Mitch Benn
• Charlie Chuck • Ian Moore • Andy Pipe • Gavin Webster • Vox 'n' Roll
• The Baron Brothers • Dave Fulton • Stu Who?
• The Raymond and Mr Timpins Review

More acts probably to be announced

Big Day Out - Milton Keynes (Updated July 1)

Nothing but rumours about this, but at least they involve metal bands. AC/DC or Guns N Roses are the main tips to headline. Nine Inch Nails are also rumoured. There's not even a firm date yet, though August has been mentioned in the press. Could be an expensive month with Reading, too.

Sadly, this bash is looking increasingly unlikely as time goes on. A real shame as the last two (Sabbath in '98 and Metallica in '99) were fantastic days out.

July 1 update
A rumour has come my way that this will go ahead on September 9. Sounds a bit late, but let's hope it's true... Wahtever, it won't be AC/DC, though.

June 19 update
Let's face it, this ain't happening this year, is it? Any line-up would have been announced months back, even though a metal all-dayer with a strong bill would sell out in a matter of a couple of weeks. Shame, it's been one of the best days out over the last two years...maybe in 2001?