The true obsessive just can't get enough stuff by bands they like. I'm particularly interested in recordings from festivals I've been to, so here's a list of the live recordings from Reading (and other festivals) I've amassed over the years. I'm interested in trading for other good recordings not listed here - let me know what you have by emailing Notes on quality ratings
A: Superb sound, generally soundboard or FM radio
B: Good, listenable quality, usually a clear audience recording, but not the absolute best sound
C: Typical audience recording. Sound levels will fluctuate, as will clarity
D: Poor. Usually a bad audience recording with muffled sound. For the completists!
If there's no quality rating, it's because I haven't listened to the recording enough to give an opinion.
Year Artist Format Tracklisting Time (mins) Quality/Notes
1976 Blue Oyster Cult mp3 50 A FM radio broadcast
1981 Rose Tattoo CD One Of The Boys, Manzil Madness, Bad Boy For Love, Assault & Battery, The Butcher & Fast Eddy, Rock & Roll Is King, Rock & Roll Outlaw, All The Lessons, Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock & Roll) 43 A Soundboard
1982 Randy California CD Second Child, Downer, Man At War, Killer Weed, Run To Your Lover, I've Got A Line On You Either radio broadcast or soundboard
1982 Tygers of Pan Tang CD
1983 Big Country Cassette
1983 The Stranglers Cassette Audience recording
1983 The Stranglers CD Nuclear Device, Toiler on the Sea, Ships That Pass in the Night, No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Midnight Summer Dream, European Female, Thrown Away, The Raven, Duchess, London Lady, Down in the Sewer A FM radio broadcast or soundboard
1986 The Mission Cassette Wasteland, And the Dance Goes On, Garden of Delight, Wishing Well, Over the Hills and far Away, Stay With me, Serpent's Kiss, the Crystal Ocean, 1969, Sacriledge, Like a Hurricane, Shelter From the Storm
1987 All About Eve Cassette
1987 The Godfathers Cassette
1987 Fields of the Nephilim Cassette
1987 The Icicle Works Cassette
1987 The Fall Cassette
1987 The Mission Cassette
1987 Zodiac Mindwarp Cassette Spasm Baby, Skull Spark Joker, High Priest of Love, High Heel Heaven, Kid's Stuff, Speed King, Bad Girl City, Planet Girl, Holy Gasoline, Tattooed Beat Messiah, Let's Break the Law, Prime Mover, Psychoactive, Wild Child Audience recording. includes three songs not on the official live release
1987 The Stranglers Cassette
1987 Status Quo 2xCD CD1: Whatever You Want, Paper Plane, Roll Over Lay Down, Dreamin', Little Lady, Mystery Medley (Railroad, Most of the Time, Wild Side of Life, Rollin' On, Again and Again, Slow Train), Hold You Back, Don't Drive my Car, Dirty Water, In the Army Now, Rocking All Over the World, Don't Waste my Time
CD2: Roadhouse Blues Medley (includes Shakin' All Over, The Price of Love), Caroline, Rolling Home intro, Rain, Little Dreamer intro, Instrumental, Down Down, Blues Jam, Pictures of Matchstick Men, Bye Bye Johnny Medley (Rock n Roll Music, Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On)
B Audience recording
1987 Alice Cooper Cassette
1988 Iggy Pop Cassette
1988 The Ramones Cassette
1988 Fields of the Nephilim Cassette
1989 Crazyhead CD What Gives You the Idea That You're so Bmazing Baby, Down on You, Train, Out on a Limb, I Don't Want That Kind of Love, Jack the Scissor Man, Baby Turpentine, I Can do Anything, Rags to Riches, Tower of Fire, In the Sun, Time Has Taken its Toll on You, Have Love Will Travel
1989 Loop CD Vapour, Breathe Into Me, Fever Knife, The Nail Will Burn, Pulse, Collision Time, Burning World B Good audience recording
1989 New Model Army CD Vengeance, Stupid Questions, 225, Inheritance, Waiting, Green and Grey, I Love The World, Ballad, Vagabonds, Young Gifted & Skint, Love Songs, No Rest, 51st State, Smalltown England, Poison Street, Whitecoats, Betcha
60 B Good audience recording
1989 The Mission Cassette
1990 The Cramps CD Mule Skinner Blues, Chicken, Creature From the Black leather lagoon, Bop Pills, What's inside a Girl?, Everything Goes, Mama ooh Pow Pow, Daisies up Your Butterfly, God Damn Rock n Roll, Primitive, Goo Goo Muck, Her Love Rubbed Off, Journey to the Centre of a Girl, Mystery Plane, Hot Pearl Snatch, Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz, The Most Exaulted Potentate of Love, You've Got Good Taste, Bikini Girls With machine Guns, Psychotic Reaction, Shortnin' Bread
1990 The Pixies 2xCD CD1: Cecilia Ann, Levitate Me, Debaser, Rock Music, Hangwire, Dead, Gigantic, Gouge Away, Caribou, Hey, Isla De Encanta, I Bleed, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Wave of Mutilation, There Goes My Gun, Dig for Fire, River Euphrates, Crackity Jones
CD2: Do the Manta Ray, Here Comes Your Man, Is She Weird?, The Happening, Allison, All over the World, Into the White, Broken Face, Tame, Something Against You, Vamos, Tonys Theme, Stormy Weather, Where is My mind?
1991 Nirvana CD School, Floyd the Barber, Drain You, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come as You Are, Breed, Sliver, Molly's Lips, Love Buzz, Negative Creep, The End, Blew, Here I Am
1991 Sisters of Mercy CD After Hours, First Last and Always, Lucretia My Reflection, Body and Soul, Possession, Ribbons, Alice, Dominion, Amphetamine Logic, Detonation Boulevard, Temple of Love, Gimme Shelter, Flood Two, This Corrosion, Something Fast, Vision Thing
1992 L7 CD
1992 Nirvana 2xCD CD1: Breed, Drain You, Aneurism, School, Sliver, In Bloom, Come as You Are, Lithium, About a Girl, Tourette's, Polly, Lounge Act
CD2: Smells Like Teen Spirit, On a Plain, Negative Creep, Been a Son, All Apologies, Blew, Dumb, Stay Away, Spank Thru, Love Buzz, Smoke on the Water, the Money Will Roll Right In, D7, territorial Pissings, End Jam
1993 New Order CD Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss, Fine Time, Blue Monday
A Soundboard
1994 Lush CD Intro, Blackout, Starlust, For Love, Lit Up (aborted), Lit Up, Kiss Chase, Desire Lines, Lovelife, Hypocrite, Downer, Undertow, Deluxe, Leaves Me Cold, Sweetness and Light 60 A Soundboard
1994 Frank Black CD Los Angeles, Freedom Rock, Whatever happened to Pong?, Thalassocracy, (I Want to Live on an) Abstract Plain, Headache, Vanishing Spires, Brackish Boy, Men in Black, Superabound, Czar, I Could Stay Here Forever, White Noise Maker, Hate Me, Bad Wicked World, Two Reelers, Parry the Wind High Low, Ten Percenter, The Man That Was Too Loud A FM radio broadcast
1997 Suede CD Reading Festival: She, Trash, By The Sea, So Young, The Wild Ones, Saturday Night, Picnic By The Motorway, Europe Is Our Playground, Beautiful Ones, Filmstar
BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, August 28th, 1996: Trash, Saturday Night, By The Sea, She, Lazy
A FM radio broadcast
1998 Garbage CD Temptation Waits, I Think I'm Paranoid, Special, Hammering in My Head, Vow, When I Grow Up, Queer, Push It, You Look So Fine 40 A Soundboard
1998 The Prodigy mp3 Rock n Roll, Their Law, Funky Shit, Breathe, Voodoo People, Firestarter, Mindfields
1999 Blur Minidisc Bugman, Jubilee, Bluremi, Advert, Popscene, For Tomorrow, No Distance Left to Run, Beetlebum, The Universal, Girls and Boys, There's no Other Way, Parklife, Song2 45 A FM radio broadcast
2000 Oasis 2xCD
2001 PJ Harvey CD Intro, One Line, The Sky Lit Up, The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore, Good Fortune, You Said Something, Intro Send His Love To Me, Send His Love To Me, This Wicked Tongue, This Is Love, Angelene, Man-Size, Rid Of Me, Somebody's Down Somebody's Name, Down By The Water, Losing Ground, Intro Big Exit, Big Exit 60 B Audience recording
2001 Supergrass CD Pumping on Your Stereo, Caught by the Fuzz, Moving, Can't Get Up, Beautiful people, Late in the Day, lose It, Funniest Thing, Richard III, Going Out, Sun Hits the Sky, Lenny 45 A FM radio broadcast
2001 Manic Street Preachers Minidisc You Stole the Sun From my Heart, La Tristesse Durera, Found That Soul, Motorcycle Emptiness, Mowtown Junk, Let Robeson Sing, Everything Must Go, Ocean Spray, If You Tolerate This The Your Children Will be Next, A Design for Life, The Masses Against the Classes 45 A FM radio broadcast
2001 Queens of the Stone Age CD Regular John, Quick and to the Pointless, Feelgood Hit of the Summer, How to Handle a Rope, Ode to Clarissa, Monsters in the Parasol, Tension Head, Precious and Grace, Go With the Flow, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, You Can't Quit me Baby 55 B Excellent audience recording
2001 System of a Down MPEG 45 A Pro-shot digital video. Possibly TV broadcast
2002 White Stripes CD Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, When I Hear My Name, I Think I Smell a Rat, Jolene, Hotel Yorba, Apple Blossom, Jimmy the Exploder, Wayfaring Stranger, Cannon/John the Revalator, For the Love of Ivy, Screwdriver 35 A FM radio braodcast
2002 Weezer CD Undone (the Sweater Song), Island in the Sun, My name is Jonas, Why Bother?, Don't let Go, Say it Ain't So, Dope Nose, The Good Life, Surf Wax America, Hash pipe, Buddy Holly 40 A FM radio broadcast
2002 Pulp CD Sorted For E's And Wizz, Weeds, Common People, F.E.E.L.I.N.G. C.A.L.L.E.D. L.O.V.E., A Little Soul, Trees, Party Hard, This Is Hardcore, Sunrise 40 A FM radio broadcast
2002 Foo Fighters CD Reading Festival: All My Life, Breakout, this is a Call, Learn to Fly, Disenchanted Lullaby, Times Like These, Hey Johnny Park!, Low, Monkey Wrench, Everlong
Later With Jools Holland: All My life, Low, Times Like These, Interview
65 A FM radio broadcast
2003 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club mp3 Spread Your Love, Six Barrel Shotgun, Stop, Love Burns A FM radio broadcast
2003 Metallica 2xCD D Really poor quality audience recording
2003 Metallica CD Reading Festival: Master of Puppets, Harvester of Sorrow, St Anger, Seek and Destroy, Fuel, One
Plus: Monsters of Rock 1991 (c20 mins)
A FM radio broadcast
2004 Danko Jones CD A Soundboard
2004 New York Dolls CD A Soundboard
2004 Morrissey CD How Soon is Now?, November Spawned a Monster, First of the Gang to Die, I Like You, Shoplifters of the World Unite, Irish Blood English Heart, Now my Heart is Full, Munich Air Disaster 1958, the World is Full of Crashing Bores, There is a Light That Never Goes Out, Let Me Kiss You, Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice, Jack the Ripper, You Know I Couldn't Last 66 A Excellent audience recording
2005 Dwarves CD Intro, Unrepentant, Way out, Dominator, I Will Deny, Everybodies Girl, Anybody Out There?, Salt Lake City, Better Be Women, Over You, You Gotta Burn, How It's Done, River City, Like You Want, Relentless, Fefu, Astro Boy, Back Seat Of My Car, Detention Girl, We Must Have Blood 38
2005 Razorlight CD Rip It Up, Dalston, Rock n Roll Lies, Vice Leave Me Alone Golden Touch, To The Sea, Stumble and Fall, Kirby's House, Somewhere Else, Fall Fall Fall, In The City Audience recording
Year Artist Format Tracklisting Time (mins) Quality/Notes
2000 Primal Scream Minidisc 45 A FM radio broadcast
2000 Foo Fighters Minidisc My Hero, For all the Cows, I'll Stick Around, Big Me, Stacked Actors, This is a Call, Next Year, Monkey Wrench, Everlong 45 A FM radio broadcast
2000 Pulp CD Something Changed, The Night Minnie Timberley Died, Help The Aged, Sorted For E's And Wizz, F.E.E.L.I.N.G. C.A.L.L.E.D. L.O.V.E., The Fear, I Love Life, This Is Hardcore, Sunrise 40 A FM radio broadcast
2000 Oasis CD
2004 The Hives CD Walk Idiot Walk, Missing Link, Die All Right, No Pun Intended, Main Offender, A Little More For Little You, The Hives Declare Guerre Nucleaire, Hate To Say I Told You So, Dead Quote Olympics, Supply And Demand, Two Timing Touch & Broken Bones, B is for Brutus , AKA IDIOT A FM radio broadcast
2004 Green Day mp3 American Idiot, Longview, Geek Stink Breath, Welcome to Paradise, Brainstew, 2000 Light Years Away, Basketcase, She, Waiting, When I Come Around
2005 Razorlight CD Rip It Up, Which Way Is Out, Vice, Leave Me Alone, Golden Touch, Stumble And Fall, Kirby's House, Keep The Right Profile, Somewhere Else, Fall Fall Fall/Milk (Kings Of Leon Cover), In The City A FM radio broadcast
Year Artist Format Tracklisting Time (mins) Quality/Notes
1994 Killing Joke mp3 Communion, Wardance, Pandemonium, Change, Exorcism, Requiem, Love Like Blood, Mathematics Of Chaos, Psyche, Age Of Greed
1995 Suede CD We are the Pigs, Animal Nitrate, The Wild Ones, Together, New Generation, Daddy's Speeding, Still Life, My Dark Star 40 A FM radio broadcast
1995 Paul Weller CD The Changingman, Hung Up, Has My Fire Really Gone Out?, Whirlpools End, Uh Huh Oh Yeah, Stanley Road, You Do Something To Me, Can You Heal Us Holy Man?, Sunflower, Into Tomorrow, Broken Stones, Woodcutters Son/Not Fade Away, The Swamp Song, I Walk On Gilded Splinters
Year Artist Format Tracklisting Time (mins) Quality/Notes
2004 Danko Jones CD
2004 Metallica mp3 Battery, Four Horsemen, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, Seek and Destroy, Fade to Black, Wherever I May Roam, Last Caress, Sad But True, Melbourne, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman
Year Artist Format Tracklisting Time (mins) Quality/Notes
1989 The Pixies CD Bone Machine, Cactus, Dead, Gouge Away, Hey, I Bleed, Levitate Me, Monkey Gone to heaven, No 13 Baby, River Euphrates, There Goes my Gun, Vamos, Where is My Mind? 38 A FM radio broadcast
1995 Oasis CD A FM radio broadcast
1999 REM CD
2000 Billy Bragg CD The Milkman Of Human Kindness, To Have And To Have Not, The Busy Girl Buys Beauty, Lovers Town Revisited, The Man In The Iron Mask, Richard, A New England, A Lover Sings, It Says Here, God's Footballer, World Turned Upside Down, Power In A Union, She's Got A New Spell, The Saturday Boy, Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards, St. Monday, Take Down The Union Jack, Upfield, Garrageland
2002 The White Stripes CD Little Room, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, I Think I Smell a rat, When I Hear my Name, Jolene, Hotel Yorba, Stop Breaking Down, Apple Blossom, Death Letter, Lovesick, Astro, We Are Going to be Friends, Jimmy the Exploder, Rated X, The Union Forever, Bo Weevil 45 Good audience recording
2004 The White Stripes CD Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, Blue Orchid, I Think I Smell A Rat / Passive Manipulation / I Think I Smell A Rat / Music Man / I Think I Smell A Rat, Let's Shake Hands, The Nurse, Hotel Yorba, Jolene, Ball & Biscuit (1st Verse), My Doorbell, Cannon / Broken Bricks / Cool Drink Of Water Blues / Ball & Biscuit (Continue), Passive Manipulation, Same Boy You've Always Known, The Hardest Button To Button, We're Going To Be Friends, Little Ghost, Death Letter, I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, Screwdriver, Seven Nation Army A Audio from stereo TV broadcast