• Offspring
• Queens of the Stone Age
• Megadeth
The National Bowl, Milton Keynes, June 8, 2001

I wasn't even going to go to this, but had such a good time at the Ozzfest a couple of weeks earlier, that I just couldn't resist the chance of another day getting pissed in the sun and listening to heavy metal.

Having queued for what seemed like forever on the M1 to reach the car park, we got fleeced £7 for the priviledge of parking in a field, but at least it was only two minutes from the entrance.

We got in just after Megadeth started their aimles thrashing. Funny, really - a decade ago and they'd have been headlining. How the mighty are fallen...

Queens of the Stone Age riffed like crazy for nearly an hour. Top band.

Offspring's dull comedy punk meant plenty of time to sling lager down our necks before AC/DC came on. I'd been to see them at Wembley the previous December and not really got it. I don't think I'd had enough lager that night, as they were awesome at Milton Keynes - overcoming the awful sound system by simply playing very, very loudly.

Good things about AC/DC 2001
• Lager
• Sunshine
• Heavy metal

Bad things about AC/DC 2001
• Not enough bands, perhaps
• Car park charges

Best bands of AC/DC 2001
• Queens of the Stone Age

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Mariko, Quayley, Graham, Dan, Robbie and Nigel (back to camera) settle down for an evening's lager-drinking Mariko gets into the heavy metal atmosphere nice and early. She didn't stop
Mariko and Graham. Sweet Yup, that's your very own AC/DC periscope. Especially for the short-arses in the crowd Witty and charming - a big hit with the ladies. Not
Three not very wise monkeys. And getting ever less wise with each pint of lager This guy was enjoying the day so much that the paramedics took him away in case he over-excited himself
Graham, Quayley, Jimi and Mariko. They rock hard
I think AC/DC might have just arrived on stage... Robbie and Nigel getting down with AC/DC. Note gurning lady doing Steven Tyler impression on right of picture
Ooh, I'm scared Only at an AC/DC gig can you do this sort of thing and not feel ridiculous
Mariko took loads of pictures at AC/DC. See them here. They're much better than mine, anyway
And finally...
Oh, the shame of it - bringing home a beer token... what a waste